Language Services

I am based in La Trimouille (86) in the Vienne and since 2009 I have been teaching French and helping people cope with the challenges you can face when living in France or visiting and not speaking the language fluently. Below are some of the services I can offer –

French Lessons


Group lessons have 6-8 people in each class from Beginner to Advanced level. Beginners classes are less grammar based with the emphasis on being able to get by in everyday situations, practising via role play and watching videos to improve comprehension. The conversation group meets once a week and we discuss a topic chosen the previous week.

Timetable permitting, I can also offer one or two to one private lessons.

General classes are an hour and a half and the conversation group meet for an hour. Private lessons are usually an hour long.


Administrative Help / Translation & Interpreting

I can help you with personal matters where there is a language barrier such as problems with neighbours or setting up bank accounts, dealing with utility companies or more official matters such as dealing with notaires, the Tax Office, CPAM, micro-entrepreneur set-up, Resident Permit (Carte de Séjour) applications etc.

I am not a sworn translator (traductrice assermentée) but I can translate or interpret on any occasion where this is not a requirement such as contract signing for house sales/purchase (compromis/acte de vente)  and other appointments.

If you would like any information about these services or are interested in lessons, please email me using the contact tab at the top of the page or call me on the numbers below.

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